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Welcome to Sangeet Milon

content_imgSangeet Milon,Bharatiya Sangeet Shodh Evam SanrakshanSansthan is dedicated to the promotion of indian classical music and culture. Our mission is

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to form a Gurukul Shikshan Sansthan where students will be taught in lines of guru-shishya parampara– teaching them finer nuances and gayaki styles of classical and semi classical music. Encouraging,

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sponsoring, scholarship to needy, meritorious students of music, who wish to pursue the subject and provide

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platform to bring their talent to the forefront. To hold All India Annual Music Competitions of both classical, semiclassical vocal and instrumental music. To organise cultural programmes, seminars and workshops from time to time for discussion and promotion of classical and semi classical music. Felicitation of senior, eminent doyens of music who may have retired from their active field. Promoting research and development

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of new thoughts and ideas in the field of music.

News & Updates