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Sangeet Milon,Bharatiya Sangeet Shodh Evam SanrakshanSansthan is dedicated to the promotion of indian classical music and culture.

Our mission is to form a Gurukul Shikshan Sansthan where students will be taught in lines of guru-shishya parampara– teaching them finer nuances and gayaki styles of classical and semi classical music.

Encouraging, sponsoring, scholarship to needy, meritorious students of music, who wish to pursue the subject and provide them with a platform to bring their talent to the forefront.

Milon Debnath, born on April 6, 1954, in Coomilla district of Bangladesh spent his childhood and early years in Agartala, Tripura. He came to Lucknow in 1979 for advanced training in Indian Classical Music from Bhatkhande Music Institute, Lucknow . He took his formal training from renowned Indian Classical vocalists, Ustad Niyaz Ahmed and Faiyaz Ahmed Khan of Kirana Gharana in Bombay in the year 1980.

During the course of training he felt certain inadequacies in the existing teaching methodology and this inspired the creation of the book “Sangeet Milon” Part I and II. This text book of music covers the syllabus till Nipun degree. It is based on “Guru Shishya Parampara” principle. In 2000 he brought out Sangeet Sankalan in 3 volumes which is a compilation of selected bandishes from 6 volumes of Kramik Pustak Malika , and bandishes from the works of Pt SN Ratanjankar, Pt Dinkar Kaikini


Milon Debnath

Founder, President

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