Flavours of Indian Classical & Semiclassical Music

Dhrupad: (Hindi: ध्रुपद) , a vocal genre in Hindustani classical music is said to be the oldest still in use in that musical tradition. Its name is derived from the words “dhruva” (fixed) and “pada” (words). The term may denote both the verse form of the poetry and the style in which it is sung. This form appeared […]

Music can Heal

Long before acoustics came to be understood in Europe as a subject of study, the ancient Arab, Greek and Indian civilizations were already familiar with the therapeutic role of sounds and vibrations and the later day concepts pertaining to them. Music, which started from 7 basic musical notes derived from sounds of nature or songs […]

Lucknow Gharana – (Kathak & Tabla)

Kathak (Hindi: कथक,) is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dances, originated from Uttar Pradesh, India. There are three major schools or gharanas of Kathak from which performers today generally draw their lineage: the gharanas of Benaras (born in the courts of the Kachwaha Rajput kings, theNawab of Oudh, and Varanasi respectively), Jaipur […]

Classical Music and Well Being

Several modern clinics, hospitals and operating theatres are discovering the clinical benefits of soothing classical music and using it not just to make patients feel better, but to improve medical outcomes too. Several surgeons who undertake nerve racking long critical operations on the brain, heart or liver, ensure that there is an appropriate “raga” on […]