Classical Voice Of India – 2013


Sangeet Milon
Classical Voice of India
Grand Finals—14-15 December, 2013
Venue: Sant Gadge Auditorium, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

Classical Voice of India, annual classical music competition, covering 10 states and 13 cities of the country, over a period of six months, had its Grand Finals in Lucknow on 14-15 December 2013. 48 contestants from cities far and wide came over to participate in this programme and made it a grand success. Participants were provided for their travel and hotel stay expenses by Sangeet Milon.

Chief Guest for the Programme : Smt Arun Kumari Kori, Minister of State for Culture & Family Welfare.

Special Guests for the occasion : Sri Sudhir Dubey, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India, Lucknow
Sri Naved Siddiqui : Chairman, UP Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow.

Guests of Honour : Smt Renu Prakash, Sahara India Parivar, Lucknow
Sri Shatrudra Prakash, MLA from Varanasi
Sri Joyanto Mukherjee , Railways, Lucknow

  • Judges for the event were eminent personalities from the field of music:
  • Sri Sheetal Prasad Mishra, former faculty of Bhatkhande Music college, Lucknow
  • Smt Meena Bannerjee, musicologist, Kolkata
  • Sri Vijay Sambyal, AIR, Delhi
  • Sri Ram Shankar Singh, Faculty of BHU, Varanasi
  • Sri Aniruddh Bhattacharya, Faculty, ITC-Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata
  • Sri Milon Debnath, Founder, Sangeet Milon, Lucknow

Tag line of the Event was :Save the Gurus to Save the Classics

As a small step towards it salutation to the Gurus of the winners who have nurtured them and brought them to this level. Prize money to be shared between the Shishya and the Guru so that the Guru-Shishya Parampara & the Classics live on through the ages.

Incentives to the Winners:

  • Classical Voice of India title gets cash prize of Rs 21000/-
  • First prize winners of all category: Rs 10000/-
  • Second prize winners of all categories : Rs 7000/-
  • Third prize winners of all categories : Rs 5000/-
  • Consolation prizes & hampers
  • Plus Trophies and hampers to winners
  • Merit & Participation certificates

Guest Artists:

  • Sitar Recital by Varad Bhosale, Mumbai, disciple of Pt. Arvind Parikh.
  • Vocal Recital by Aniruddh Bhattacharya, Faculty, ITC-Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata.
  • Accompanist on Harmonium : Pt Dharamnath Mishra
  • Accompanist on Tabla : Ustad Ilmas Hussain Khan

Our Supporters:

  • State Bank of India, ITC-Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, Sahara India Parivar, Department of Cultural Affairs, Uttar Pradesh
  • Media Coverage :
  • Hindustan Times, Hindustan, Statesman (Kolkata), Dainik Jagran, Pioneer, Swatantra Bharat, Jan Sandesh
  • Managed by: Envisage


Classical Voice of India 2013

Organised by a nonprofit organization, Sangeet Milon
Bharatiya Sangeet Shodh Evam Sanrakshan Sansthan.

Year 2013

Classical Voice of India covering 13 cities of 10 states of the country. City wise audition and selection of contestants for the Grand Finals in Lucknow.

Candidates provided with AC- 3 tier to and fro fare and wereg reimbursed for hotel accommodation during their stay in Lucknow

Event supported by State Bank of India, ITC-Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and Sahara India Parivar


Date City No. of Candidates Candidates Selected
22-23 June Kolkata 70 6
24 June Durgapur 70 2
14 July Guwahati 55 3
28 July Jammu 20 1
11 August Chandigarh 15 1
21 August Ahmedabad 28 3
24-25 August  Delhi- NCR Region 87 4
8 September Varanasi 45 4
14 September Jamshedpur 40 2
28 September Mumbai 35 6
29 September Pune 45 4
20 October Kanpur 35 3
23 October Lucknow 40 6
16 November Agartala 55 3


Classical Voice of India

City Name Group
Kolkata Sagnik Sen Junior


Classical Voice of:

City Name Group
Assam Shreyasi Roychoudhury Junior
Gujarat Shadaj Iyer Junior
Jharkhand : Sudhisha Mukherji Middle
Maharashtra : Suranjan Kh andalkar Senior
Tripura : Chandrani Sarma Senior
Uttar Pradesh Shubhankar Dey Senior
West Bengal Koulik Bhattacharjee Junior


Group Position Name of Candidates City
Senior Group First Shubhankar Dey Varanasi
Second Suranjan Khandalkar Pune
Third Bineet Singh Delhi
Consolation 1.Rohit Dharap, Mumbai2. Iman Biswas Kolkata
Middle Group First Sohini Ganguly Varanasi
Second Manasi Kulkarni Pune
Third Mayuri Saha Kolkata
Consolation 1. Charulata Mukherji, Varanasi2. Sudisha Mukherji Jamshedpur
Junior Group First Shadaj Iyer Ahmedabad
Second Arjav Jain Kanpur
Third Koulik Bhattacharjee Kolkata
Consolation 1. Mugdha Vaishampayan, Mumbai2. Ojus Deshmukh Delhi
Dhrupad Appreciation Trophy Aparajita Bhattacharya Kolkata
Consolation Ayush Dwivedi Kanpur


Best Organised Centre ITC-Sangeet Research Academy Kolkata
First Runners Up Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya Mumbai
Second Runners UpBest Organised Centre IMA Ahmedabad


Felicitation of Veterans for their Lifetime Commitment & Dedication to Music Professor Kamala Srivastava , Retired Professor Bhatkhande Music College, Lucknow Sri Gopal Nandy, Retired Professor Bhatkhande Music College, Lucknow Sri Ganesh Deb Barman of Agartala

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Kajal Ghose

Kajal Ghose, CGM, SBI, Navi Mumbai

I compliment Sangeet Milon for the exemplary efforts and hard work that you have put in to make Classical Voice of India – 2013, an outstanding programme.

You have provided a great platform to all the music lovers. Music is moral law; it gives soul to the world, wings to the thoughts, free flow of imagination and meaning to life. So, your endeavor to promote music in distinctive manner will definitely bring people closer as music binds humanity. We at SBI feel happy that we have been a small part of the journey by extending our support.

The ability, dedication and diligence demonstrated by your team to hunt the talent across the country is admirable.

I wish you all the best for your upcoming events.

CGM_LKO_Sudhir Dubey

Sudhir Dubey, CGM, SBI, Lucknow

It is a pleasure to know that Sangeet Milon is organizing an all India classical music competition, ‘Classical Voice of India’ as a promotional venture to keep the traditional arts alive.

We, from State Bank of India, appreciate the nature of the programme and wish the participants and organizers all the very best for a successful event.

With Best wishes.

Arvind Parikh

Arvind Parikh, Chairman, ITC-SRA (West Wing), Mumbai, Renowned Musicologist & Eminent Guru

The level of civilization that a nation has reached can be gauged by the cultural values that its population have prioritized and absorbed.

It is well said, that “if a State spends less money on Shakespeare, it will have to spend more money on the police force” – which implies that, unless the people are culturally refined, there will be a state of anarchy, requiring greater expenditure on maintaining a large police force.

Thus the initiative taken by Sangeet Milon to promote Indian Music is indeed laudable. It is equally gratifying to note, that State Bank of India have financially supported the initiative of holding competitions to select a Classical Voice of India.

I was happy to note, that apart from acknowledging talents of various young people in different age groups, recognition will be given to the Gurus who trained the youngsters to reach competition levels. I learn that the final auditions will be held in Lucknow in the month of December 2013.

I wish Sangeet Milon all the best for the December event and its future activities.

CGM_Sunil Srivastava

Sunil Srivastava, CGM, SBI, Kolkata

I am delighted to learn that Sangeet Milon is organizing the Grand Finale of Classical Voices on 14-15th December, 2013 at Sant Gadge Auditorium of Sangeet Natak Academy, Lucknow. It is also heartening to note that 10 participants from Kolkata and Durgapur have qualified for the event.

Over the years, Sangeet Milon Bharatiya Sangeet Shodh Evam Sanrakshan Sansthan has carved out a niche for itself in the promotion of classical music and for keeping aloft the hallowed tradition of Gurushishya Parampara. The painstaking efforts put in by the trustees for nurturing young talents have yielded excellent results, as can be visible from the increasing tribe of new upcoming classical singers groomed under the tutelage of Sangeet Milon.

Under the aegis of Corporate Social Responsibility, State Bank of India has always been at the forefront of unearthing and grooming talented youngsters and providing the much needed helping hand towards the promotion of classical music and programmes associated with it.

I convey my best wishes for the Grand Finale to be a great and successful event. May Goddess Saraswati bestow her blessings on the budding artistes.

Mr Ravi Mathur

Ravi Mathur, Director, ITC-SRA, Kolkata

It is a pleasure to write about the finals of the Classical Voice of India which Sangeet Milon proposes to honld on 14th and 15th December.

It is organizations like Sangeet Milon which contribute to nurturing the classical music heritage of our nation. The participation of young people in the competition has increased awareness of classical musicthis in turm will make them come closer to our ancient roots.

ITC SRA is happy to have been associated with this endeavour.

Wishing the function every success.


Judges Who Were With us For the Different City Auditions

Kolkata: 22-23 June, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Mrs Meena Bannerjee
  • Sri Jyoti Guha
  • Sri Samar Saha
  • Sri Omkar Dadarkar
  • Sri Wasim Ahmed Khan

Durgapur : 24 June, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Smt Arpita Chatterjee
  • Sri Arshad Ali Khan

Guwahati : 14 July, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Sri Wasim Ahmed Khan, Kolkata
  • Sri Rabindra Bharali, Agartala

Jammu : 28 July, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Sri Vijay Sambyal, Delhi
  • Professor Bali, Jammu

Chandigarh : 11 August, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath

Ahmedabad: 21 August, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Smt Pradipta Ganguly, Ahmedabad

Delhi-NCR : 24-25 August, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Smt Manjari Sinha, Delhi
  • Sri Tejpal Singh, Delhi
  • Sri Vijay Sambyal, Delhi

Varanasi : 8 September, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Dr Jayant Khot , Allahabad
  • Dr Ritwik Sanyal, Allahabad

Jamshedpur : 14-15 September, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Dr Jayant Khot, Allahabad
  • Dr Ritwik Sanyal, Varanasi

Mumbai : 28 September, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Pt. Vidyadhar Vyas, Mumbai
  • Mrs Meena Bannerjee, Kolkata

Pune : 29 September, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Mrs Meena Bannerjee, Kolkata
  • Mrs Manjula Roye, Lucknow

Kanpur : 20 October, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Mrs Seema Bhardwaj, Lucknow
  • Mrs Manjula Roye, Lucknow

Lucknow : 23 October, 2013

  • Sri Milon Debnath
  • Pt Vinod Kr Dwivedi, Kanpur
  • Mrs Manjula Roye, Lucknow



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Classical Voice of State

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Winners of Senior Group

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Winners of Middle Group

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Winners of Junior Group

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