Classical Voice of India 2014


Our Mission

  • To preserve the rich heritage of Indian classical music .
  • To give a permanent, standardized, fundamental, complete raga roop to the traditional and modern ragas in face of the changing times.
  • To hunt for talent in remote areas and encourage and showcase this talent.
  • To give recognition and incentives to the Gurus who have nurtured such talent.

We have been holding classical (vocal) music competitions over the last three years, starting with Lucknow city and graduating to competition at an all India level, Classical Voice of India, 2013.

All India classical music competition

Dates: 12-13-14 December 2014

Audition Centers:

Date   City   Participants
16-5-14   Siliguri   45
18-5-14   Guwahati   40
20-5-14   Agartala   35
5/6-6-14   Kolkata   90
7-6-14   Durgapur   37
25-6-14   Ahmedabad   39
27-6-14   Pune   45
29-6-14   Mumbai   42
15-7-14   Bhopal   40
27/28-7-14   Bhubaneshwar   68
30/31-8-14   Delhi-NCR   50
6-9-14   Allahabad   20
14-9-14   Jaipur   15
12-10-14   Varanasi   30
2-11-14   Kanpur   15
9-11-14   Lucknow   45
12-13-14 December 2014   GRAND FINALS–LUCKNOW    

Grand Finals :Number of Participants : 62

  1. Target is to reach out to maximum number of participants in the cities and seek out contestants from small towns and cities to showcase their talent.
  2. Reach out to participants through coordinators, news items, contacts in schools, colleges, music institutions, music-gurus
  3. Audition round- target participants would be 45-65 in each centre.
  4. Age & Registration of Participants:
    Participants would be in 3 categories:
    A ( 9+ yrs to 13+ yrs )  B ( 14+ yrs to 18+ yrs )  C ( 19+ yrs to 23+ yrs )
  5. Topics covered in the competition: Khyal/dhrupad
    Publicity:We are planning to publicize the event in multiple ways:

    • Through local Coordinators in each of the cities mentioned above.
    • Through classical music groups in these cities and contact through social networking sites like Facebook.
    • With help of print and electronic media who have been supportive over the last couple of years; Request leading newspapers for support in various cities.
    • Interested marketing agencies / event managers.
  6. Incentive to Participants :

    As a part of the programme for rekindling interest of students in classical music, the organization wishes to provide incentive to the participants in the form of :

    • Providing incentives to the students in the form of attractive cash prizes to be shared between Gurus and their talented Shishyas.
    • In case the contestant desires so, to provide liason with an eminent music institution.
    • Providing platform to them for public performances,
  7. Expectations and Outcome:
    • This pan-India event will in due course create a country-wide movement for re-igniting interest in Indian classical music.
    • The movement will help to preserve and nurture our cultural heritage with a great respect towards originality and excellence.
    • By promoting young talent we would be representing the future of our country young India with the target age group of 10-24 years.
    • Coverage by electronic and print media will provide the publicity to the event. Website:



Classical Voice of India

  • ShivaniShivani Mirajkar
  • Junior Group

    NandiniNandini Gaekwad,

  • Middle Group

    DeblinaDeblina Ray,

  • Senior Group

    ArpitaArpita Vaishampayan,

Performance by Youngsters

  • young2
  • young3
  • young4
  • young5
  • young6
  • young1

Ragamala by 10 States

  • ragamala

Innauguration Ceremony

Innauguration Ceremony

  • InnaugurationInnauguration programe by
    Dr.Dinesh Sharma
    (Mayor on 12 dec 2014)
  • Innauguration2Innauguration of prize distribution ceremony by
    Chief Guest Honorable Shri Ram Naik
    Governor of UP

Release of Souvenir by Shri Karnam Shekhar Chief General Manager State Bank of India

  • Souvenir


Felicitation of Judges by Mayor of Lucknow Dr.Dinesh Sharma

  • juges

Felicitation of Senior Artist by Honorable Shri Ram Naik Governor of UP

  • GobindoPt. Gobindo Bose,
    Artist, Kolkata
  • RitwikPt. Ritwik Sanyal,
    BHU, Varanasi
  • SheetalPt. Sheetal Prasad Mishra,
    Artist, Lucknow


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Classical Voice of India —- 2014

Agartala. May 20, 2014
Classical Voice of Agartala— Niha Das

  Junior Phone Email id
First Niha Das    
Second Tapasya Debnath    
Third Adrija Deb    
Consolation Debashish Deb    
  Paramita Deb    
First Prashansha Acharjee    
Second Ranjita Sarkar    
Third Moutusi Banik    
Consolation Arkamita Chakraborty    

Ahmedabad 25 June, 2014
Classical Voice of Ahmedabad — Jay Prakashbhai Shah(Senior Group)
Young Master Recognition — Shadaj Iyer(Junior Group)

  Junior Phone Email id
First Shivam Singh    
Second Aryan Vora    
Third Amoghvarsh    
Consolation Rishabh Sharma    
  Ishika Bhatt    
First Kushal Chokshi    
Second Krishna Bhatt    
Third Shimoli Pandya    
Consolation Preksha Deriwala    
  Vaidehi Thakkar    
  Shreyang Shridhar    
First Jay Prakashbhai Shah    
Second Mitali Nayak    
Third Sooril Kapadia    
Consolation Drashti Bhatt    
  Dyuti Vasavda    

Durgapur 7 June, 2014
Classical Voice of Durgapur — Aparajita Chakraborty

  Junior Phone Email id
First Biswayan Roy    
Second Ishita Majee    
Third Ayshi Chatterjee    
Consolation Manjima Banerjee    
First Sudipa Bhattacharya    
Second Ria Chatterjee    
Third Arkadeep Hajra    
Consolation Bijetri Mitra    
First Aparajita Chakraborty    
Second Archismita Hajra    
Third Kripasindhu Bhattacharjee    
Consolation Jayabroti    
  Moumita Ghosh    
Recognition Medal Moumita Ghosh    

Guwahati. May 18, 2014
Classical Voice of Guwahati— Subhra Datta

  Junior Phone Email id
First Shreyashi Roychoudhury    
Second Anannya Choudhury    
Third Shruti Saha    
Consolation Prerna Goswami    
  Sayantika Paul    
First Manashree Maitree    
Second Pratiksha Deka    
Third Priyanka Barua    
Consolation Chirodip Lodh Choudhury    
  Diksha Dutta    
First Subhra Dutta    
Second Kritanjali Goswami    
Consolation Subhashish Bhattacharya    
  Priyanka Siuam Fernandes    

Kolkata 5-6- June, 2014
Classical Voice of Kolkata — Deblina Roy

  Junior Phone Email id
First Amritesh Lahiri    
Second Koulik Bhattacharjee    
Third Poushali Ghose    
Consolation Ritika Kuila    
  Anandi Gupta    
  Shreetama Ghosh    
First Deblina Roy    
Second Vramanti Sarkar    
Third Sohini Ghosh    
1st Runners Up Moupali Chowdhury    
2nd Runners Up Nabanita Mandol    
3rd Runners Up Pritam Roy    
Consolation Anasuya Sen    
  Shreya Majumdar    
  Mayuri Saha    
First Shruti Gupta    
Second Somdatta Chatterjee    
Third Swayamduti Majumdar    
Consolation Joydeepta Bandopadhyay    
  Manali Ghosh    
  Appreciation Prize    
  Soumita Bose    
  Recognition Medal    
  Ishani Sarkar    

Mumbai 29 June, 2014
Classical Voice of Mumbai— Rageshree Vairagkar

  Junior Phone Email id
First Ruchi Fonseca    
Second Aashna Jain    
Third Pritha Mukherjee    
1st Runners Up Sahil R Vishe    
  Siddhi Vetal    
  Swarali Chodnekar    
Consolation Mohak R Matkar    
  Sheersha Roy    
  Shantanu Nayar    
First Rageshree Vairagkar    
Second Shreya Datar    
Third Rucha Golwalker    
Consolation Pragati Kini    
  Anannya Naik    
First Om Bongane    
Second Aishwarya Rao    
Third Shanteri Kamath    
Consolation Shalmeera Vaidya    
  Jayshree Bhurke    

Pune 27 June, 2014
Classical Voice of Pune — ArpitaVaishampayan

  Junior Phone Email id
First Nandini A Gaekwad    
Second RadhikaPalamwar    
Third Savni G Gogte    


Consolation Mrunmayee Joshi    
First ShivaniMirajkar    
Second Manasi Kulkarni    
Third AkshataGokhale    
Consolation YashKolhapure    
First ArpitaVaishampayan    
Second LateshPimpalghare    
Third DebabarnaKarmakar    
1st Runners Up MilapRane    
2nd Runners Up NamrataMahabal    
3rd Runners up SaurabhDhamne    
Consolation MadhaviKelkar    
  Vaishnavi Kawadkar    

Siliguri. May 16, 2014
Classical Voice of Siliguri — Meghna Ganguli

  Junior Phone Email id
First Prerona Sen    
Second Megha Smriti Sarkar    
Third Kasturi Sarkar    
Consolation Namrata Kundu    
  Sanchari Naha    
  Purbasha Das    
First Ritika Das    
Second Mekhala Ganguli    
Third Pratyusha Mazumder    
First Chandratapa Bhattacharya    
Second Samayita Basu    
Third Alokananda Nag    
Consolation Sanat Ghosh    
  Poushali Halder    
First Meghna Ganguli    
Second Madhurima Paul    
Third Snehshree Thapa    


  • Lucknow
  • Kanpur
  • Kolkata
  • Durgapur
  • Guwahati
  • Agartala
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Varanasi
  • Allahabad
  • Jamshedpur
  • Bhopal
  • Jaipur
  • Bangalore
  • Siliguri
  • Bhubaneswar

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