Classical Voice of India 2015 (Online Application Form)


Our Mission

  • To preserve the rich heritage of Indian classical music .
  • To give a permanent, standardized, fundamental, complete raga roop to the traditional and modern ragas in face of the changing times.
  • To hunt for talent in remote areas and encourage and showcase this talent.
  • To give recognition and incentives to the Gurus who have nurtured such talent.

We have been holding classical (vocal) music competitions over the last three years, starting with Lucknow city and graduating to competition at an all India level, Classical Voice of India, 2013.

  1. Target is to reach out to maximum number of participants in the cities and seek out contestants from small towns and cities to showcase their talent.
  2. Reach out to participants through coordinators, news items, contacts in schools, colleges, music institutions, music-gurus
  3. Audition round- target participants would be 45-65 in each centre.
  4. Age & Registration of Participants:
    Participants would be in 3 categories:
    A ( 9+ yrs to 13+ yrs )  B ( 14+ yrs to 18+ yrs )  C ( 19+ yrs to 23+ yrs )
  5. Topics covered in the competition: Khyal/dhrupad
    Publicity:We are planning to publicize the event in multiple ways:

    • Through local Coordinators in each of the cities mentioned above.
    • Through classical music groups in these cities and contact through social networking sites like Facebook.
    • With help of print and electronic media who have been supportive over the last couple of years; Request leading newspapers for support in various cities.
    • Interested marketing agencies / event managers.
  6. Incentive to Participants :As a part of the programme for rekindling interest of students in classical music, the organization wishes to provide incentive to the participants in the form of :
    • Providing incentives to the students in the form of attractive cash prizes to be shared between Gurus and their talented Shishyas.
    • In case the contestant desires so, to provide liason with an eminent music institution.
    • Providing platform to them for public performances,
  7. Expectations and Outcome:
    • This pan-India event will in due course create a country-wide movement for re-igniting interest in Indian classical music.
    • The movement will help to preserve and nurture our cultural heritage with a great respect towards originality and excellence.
    • By promoting young talent we would be representing the future of our country young India with the target age group of 10-24 years.
    • Coverage by electronic and print media will provide the publicity to the event. Website:

To preserve our rich heritage of Indian classical music .
Since actual features of our ragas are undergoing immense change from ancient to modern period due to gharana parampara and establishment of individual musical skills, we wish to research the basic, fundamental features of traditional & modern ragas and give them a permanent, standardized ragaroop which is accepted by most of our gurus.
Classical Voice of City ………….. ..State ………….. .. India A bright young talent who is dedicated and devoted to learning Indian classical music, having the best of knowledge and stage performance ability.

How To Apply

Khyal Dhrupad/Dhamar 

Teen Taal Rupak Jhaap Ek Taal 

Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

  1. Online submission of application at Contestants are requested to be in ethnic dress while performing on the stage.
  2. One form per applicant. Forms may be Xeroxed too. We welcome participation in Khyal / Dhrupad or Dhamar.
  3. Participants should have a minimum 3 years learning experience from an eminent guru/ Ustad or 5 years from a music Institution.
    Please send recording to or Lucknow Address
  4. Music students from abroad, who are pursuing Indian Classical music within India are most welcome to join in our competition and will be judged in a separate category. They need to submit a scanned copy of their passport for identification.
  5. Information in the form has to be complete. Photocopy of the birth certificate is necessary.
  6. Participants who have already won a title in a year will be eligible for a higher title the next year.
  7. Audition Round: Performance Time : 7 min
  8. Final Round : Will have 2 stages: (applicable for khyal / dhrupad / dhamar)

    a. Choice Round : Candidate can give his/her demonstration in khyal /dhrupad / dhamar in any raga of his/her own choice.
    b. Judges Choice Round : Candidate will be asked by the judges to give a 10 min demonstration or will be quizzed on any raga similar to his/her choice raga.

    • Junior : 1 detail and 2 non-detail raga
    • Middle : 1 detail and 3 non-detail raga
    • Senior : 1 detail and 4 non-detail raga.
  9. For Khyal rounds (Audition & Final): Candidate has to prepare vilambit and drut khyal with alaap, bol alaap, bol-baat,layakari, taan etc.
  10. The alaap and taan prepared by participant has to be in accordance with the raga niyam (rules) followed in the bandishes. A candidate will be disqualified if this is not followed.
  11. Performance of the participants have to be in accordance with the most prevalent pattern of chalan of the ragas. Anyone performing out of context will be warned and maybe disqualified from further rounds unless he/she rectifies himself/herself.
  12. A participant has to perform with help of tanpura/electronic tanpura only.
  13. Dhrupad or Dhamar Participants:
    • a. Any performance has to begin with nom-tom alaap.
    • b. Candidate is expected to perform bol-baat, layakari in the bandish.
    • c. Pakhawaj is mandatory/compulsory in a dhrupad/dhamar performance.
  14. Candidate of tabla has to maintain the style and discipline of his baaj or gharana
  15. Candidate is required to choose from one of the 4 taals given.
  16. Judges can question or stop the participants during the performance if necessary and their decision is FINAL
  17. Terms and conditions apply.

Donations may be made in favour of “TRUST SANGEET MILON and sent to Lucknow address

Audition Centres

Audition Routine

map poster 2015
  • Lucknow
  • Kanpur
  • Kolkata
  • Durgapur
  • Guwahati
  • Agartala
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Varanasi
  • Allahabad
  • Jamshedpur
  • Bhopal
  • Jaipur
  • Bangalore
  • Siliguri
  • Bhubaneswar


Classical Voice of India 2015

Introducing Tabla

Tentative Audition Schedule for the Coming Months

S.No. Date City Venue Coordinator Phone No.
1. 20-4-15 Agartala Sukanta Academy Kalipada Bhattacharya 9436463238
2. 23-5-15 Siliguri Bipendra Bannerjee 9474030680
3. 24-5-15 Guwahati District Library Mita Sen 9864118641
4. 4-6-15 Kolkata Rotary Sadan Arpita Chatterjee/ Koushik Bhattacharjee 9830185519/
5. 6-6-15 Burdwan Municipal Hall Tapasi Ghose 9432952242
6. 26-6-15 Pune Govind Gosavi 7755923967
7. 28-6-15 Mumbai A Choudhuri 7042353715
8. 12-7-15 Bhopal Uma Shankar Tiwari 9893912660
9 2-8-15 Bhubaneshwar Tapash Paul 9437090616
10. 16-8-15 Lucknow Rai Umanath Bali
11. 30-8-15 Delhi-NCR Arundhati Choudhuri
12. 31-8-15 Jaipur Ghulam Fareed/ Anudyuti Maitra
13. 1-9-15 Ahmedabad Nemita Patwari
14. October Bangalore
15. October Jammu
16. 21-11-15 Allahabad
17. 22-11-15 Varanasi
18. November Dehradun
November Kanpur


For auditions after mid August, dates are tentative and may change. For queries please mail at

News & Updates