Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services which include Energy Cost Reduction, Management Audit (more details in last 2 pages), Productivity-Improvement / O-&-M (Organization & Methods) Studies, Review of Organization Structure, Role Definition, Compensation & Benefits structuring, HR Audit, Product Design and Development, Functional & Systems Training, Compliance, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Strategy & Communication, Outplacement Assignments.

HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing Services assignments would typically involve: Setting up Vision, Mission and a Values Set; Auditing the HR Climate and organizational culture; Creating Manuals & SOPs wherever needed; Introducing/ monitoring effective performance appraisal/ management systems; Structure Compensation & Benefits; Conduct compensation surveys and benchmarks

Sales Training & Soft-Skills Training

Sales Training & Soft-Skills Training Service Associates India partners with clientele to provide a total performance training series in sales techniques, managing difficult relationships, partnership selling, time management, interactive listening and sales support management